3 ways to clean the house to minimize humidity


1. Control the amount of dust in your home

Home dirt not only produces allergies, but it also contains chemicals such as lead, components of pesticides and other toxic chemicals. You should clean your home regularly so that there is no dust left in your home, or use a vacuum cleaner at least twice a week and consider removing or replacing any carpet, curtains, vacuum cleaner

2. Remove the mold

Black mold is the cause of allergic symptoms and worse than germs of respiratory problems. To control and eliminate mold from your home, you should regularly check your water pipes so that the house stays dry, avoids long-term water leakage or dampens the environment for mold. develop. If you find mold, you need to clean it, remove it with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda or consult a health professional. The cause of mold can be for waterproofing problems

3. Regular bathroom hygiene

The wet environment in the bathroom is alarming because of the combination of high humidity, dirt if not cleaned regularly. Soil residue will make some places like walls, bathroom curtains an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. You can wash them with vinegar or lemon and dry them to limit bacterial growth.