Waterproofing leaking when the rainy season comes


Although the market has a lot of waterproofing materials, due to improper use, incorrect implementation of the manufacturer's instructions or ignore or ignore the waterproofing, the house will be leaking. Architect Nguyen Van Tan offers some solutions and note the active prevention before building.
Roof terrace is often "subdued" by the sun and rain or leak. Therefore, the cheapest way, do not break the overall architecture of the house, but still overcome the phenomenon of infiltration roof cover on the roof. For the facade not to be "lumped" a roof floor, can build high walls behind the house and the roof to the front. The space between the corrugated roof and the flat roof is only low enough, with a slope of about 15% for flowing water. It is not used as a warehouse, a place to expose ... because it will make the bad part of the house. It is possible to design the windows, doors, ventilation for approx
Without roofing, a thick layer of mortar with a waterproofing admixture on the roof floor shall be poured with an inclination of 2%; Then add a layer of waterproofing up. From there, build bricks about 20-30 cm high, then weave the brick blocks. On the top layer of waterproof mortar as the original can often "face" with rain and sunshine. Without the use of knitting, the market is the kind of brick hourdis (bricks), bricks with legs (like the seat) to replace; And the implementation is still in progress as stated. This method is both good waterproofing due to two layers of resistance and how to be heat, noise
Two adjacent walls often cause seepage in the wall due to rain water flow into the middle. Make a "hat" of waterproofing concrete to seal the joints along the roof or wall
The most disturbing is the infiltration from the wall of the wall, first of all to detect the cause, possibly due to drainage pipes or leakage from the cellar ...; If it is right to "treat" the starting point of that infiltration. Afterwards, it is possible to plaster walls and plaster with new mortar with waterproofing additives, with anti-roll back up.
Active "disease prevention"
When building, care should always be taken with items in contact with rain or water. There must be high cement grade, sand well, fine construction and master
Apply waterproofing additives as well as waterproofing on the surface of the building. If possible, use the waterproofing of any company, always assign them to execute that part for warranty. Otherwise, follow the manufacturer's instruction manual.
The market has many materials and types of waterproofing, but experts in the industry said that bituminous origin (such as tar) is just a coating. This form is not durable because this "coat" is a layer that separates the concrete layer below and above it, so that the two layers will not cling and bind together into blocks so it is easy to create flaking, blistering and tearing. In addition, this layer will age rapidly with tropical climate and that is the cause of the infiltration. Types of waterproofing cover works better but still bear the same "rules" as stated.

In addition, you can use branded waterproofing products such as Quicseal, Maris Polymers to waterproof when the rainy season comes.