Quicseal 103 for clean house


Today a lot of works come into use a few years began to occur wet phenomenon, leaked from the outside without knowing the cause from where. Applying waterproof paint Quicseal 103 is also the right way to make your home less unfortunate should not have. Excellent waterproofing, anti-heat and decoration for external walls, cement tile, terracotta tile, corrugated roof, concrete floor.

Waterproofing Wall Quicseal 103 is known as a building material that brings beauty to the house next to its effect to seal the rust, water holes from the outside into the house. Especially, give you a peace of mind when it rains and air constantly wet and regular in the tropical monsoon area as our country.

Many houses or apartments have been put into use not long ago to occur water leaks, infiltration from the outside into the house, affecting the living activities and also make the living space very wet and uncomfortable. much to the owner. So why and why? How to use Quicseal 103 waterproof paint to the highest efficiency?

There are many reasons for the infiltration of water from the outside into the house due to the fact that during the process of "burning" the schedule does not comply with the time and regulations of the works, the mortar and lake mortar. sealed with materials that do not guarantee quality, ... has made the work through time and influence of the weather caused the peeling, wet and leaking into the interior.

Beside materials such as waterproofing paint, outdoor waterproofing paint or waterproofing wall, waterproof paint can be combined with the same materials to bring you a great space without being affected by windy weather or wet climate, heavy rain. Quicseal 103 is also suitable for waterproofing areas such as walls, stairs, terraces, walls, basements, etc.

So, if your life and family, work is affected by the nasty mildew please contact us quickly to get a living space cool and beautiful. With waterproof paint walls to ensure quality with the best price suitable for each space. Moreover, you also get advice from experienced experts in construction to choose the best material for the beauty, safety and durability of this living space.

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