Apartment toilet waterproofing with Quicseal 104s


Apartment toilet waterproofing: In Vietnam, more and more apartment buildings and urban areas are being built. The common feature of most of the previous condominiums is that the quality of the works goes down very quickly. Where water permeability or wall cracking is common, especially toilets, which are most susceptible to water.

Today, the quality of the buildings in the apartment is greatly improved. However, there are very few apartments designed for waterproofing right after construction. The hygienic condition of toilets in the apartment is still occurring (which often happens under the multi-latrine system because the apartment buildings are designed in the same way) after a period of use and it photos It greatly affects the daily life of the households. Therefore, toilet waterproofing is essential and must be addressed as soon as possible.

Quicseal 104s waterproof toilet

The toilet waterproofing of the apartment will be resolved quickly and easily if detected early. If the long-term permeability, moss phenomena affect the aesthetics of luxury apartments, the phenomenon of cracking wider, overcome will be more difficult and expensive. If the toilet is infiltrated, please contact Son Tinh company at:

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