Change 3 misconceptions about waterproofing walls


Not subject to waterproofing outdoors

There are many homeowners who pay close attention to the wall that often touches the water inside the house, such as the bathroom, the toilet, the kitchen, and the outside wall. This is extremely wrong, because the impact from the surrounding environment: humid climate, hot sun, rain gutter ... always aimed at weaknesses in the structure, materials of the house to "destroy." Therefore, the position is more exposed to the environment, subjected to constant temperature changes such as walls standing on both sides of the house, the back wall ... is the first need to waterproof then first class inside.

Exterior wall paint QUICSEAL 103 ACRYLFLEX is suitable for waterproofing as well as for exterior wall insulation of your home.

To enhance the waterproofing of external wall tiles, the owner can use QUICSEAL 620 mortar mortar, QUICSEAL 601H tile adhesive.

Not waterproof right from the beginning

Trusting in building materials, many people think that it will be a long time for the walls, floor tiles to absorb water, since no action waterproof from the beginning. However, this creates many inadequacies. Since they are not initially watertight, places where water contact is easily penetrated, worse than they can quickly spread everywhere, making the wall intact. . Immediately paint the waterproof and insulating wall outside QUICSEAL 103 ACRYLFLEX!

Only cement tank oil is sufficient to waterproof

It should be noted that cement has a molecular structure that is hollow, permeable, diffused, ... These characteristics do not completely support the waterproofing because it does not create a membrane that prevents water penetration through the surface as well as tolerance. Variable temperature fluctuations. Therefore, the layer of oil quickly cracked after the sunny season, then the rain will easily penetrate the wall through the crack when the season. There are plenty of waterproofing materials that are tailored to each area, each feature, please consult the experts to create the best waterproofing. In addition, the conversion of cement paste to QUICSEAL 601H Glue is one of the better solutions for waterproofing than ever before.

Most people are intent on building houses but are not amateurs in the field of construction, which makes everyone have inevitable misconceptions. So, before you start, seek advice and help from experienced people

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