Learn about epoxy paints, epoxy materials


What is epoxy material?

Epoxy is a composite organic compound, which has special physico-chemical properties, is more resistant to the environment than other resins. Epoxy has a unique chemical composition that epoxy is not hydrolysed by the environment and its ability to withstand heat is significantly greater than that of other materials. Advantages of epoxy resin are low shrinkage, adherence, excellent mechanical properties of epoxy which adhere very well on many kinds of surfaces such as metal, plastic, concrete, glass and wood.

Epoxy is used to make ship hulls due to excellent mechanical and chemical resistance.

In fact, pure epoxy can not have the ability to bond well to produce the material properties required. Epoxy is required in combination with another substance called Hardener to create a high degree of durable bonding at the molecular level. When the epoxy is dry, the curing agent causes the epoxy to become extremely durable and resistant to corrosion.

Application of carbon fiber carbon fiber.

Up to now, epoxy has become popular and used in a number of industries such as automotive, shipbuilding, load bearing, surface protection. Epoxy based products are very diverse: epoxy resin, epoxy resin, fiberglass, carbon fiber ... and can not be used in the surface coating industry. Epoxy coating or epoxy coating is a successful and important application of epoxy resins, solving a myriad of issues related to strength, abrasion, durability, and aesthetics. of the works.

What is epoxy paint? Properties and applications like?

Epoxy paints are epoxy based, consisting of two components. Part A is mainly epoxy mixed with super-fine coloring particles, reinforcers, surfactants, solvents, additives ... the purpose is to epoxy color and can be painted. Composition B is a curing agent, when mixed with component A, the reaction produces a stable bond in the epoxy molecular network.

Epoxy coatings are widely used in factories, workshops, garage garages, special epoxy paints that are specially created to paint special areas such as submerged steel, underground tunnels. Each set of technical requirements that create epoxy paint line compatible with that type.

On the market today, common use of three epoxy lines: solvent-free epoxy; epoxy solvent solvent paint; epoxy paint water solvents.

These coatings have their own unique characteristics and properties, but their general characteristics are durability, mechanical resistance, chemical corrosion, etc., which meet most of the technical requirements that build muscle set up