Non-solvent Epoxy paint, oil based Epoxy and water based Epoxy paint


Epoxy (oil-based) solvent-based paints are the first product when Epoxy is newly introduced in Vietnam. Epoxy paints of oil origin in the year 2000 must be imported, suppliers are also very limited production according to orders and technical requirements of customers.

Advantages of oil-based Epoxy Coatings: hardened surface, impact resistant, lightly acid resistant.

Drawbacks of Epoxy Primer:

+ The construction terrain is limited. Do not apply in humid or high humidity environments.

+ The construction environment, used to be toxic due to containing oil as volatile solvent.

+ Especially for the northern climate, there are 4 different seasons, the heat and humidity in the year change dramatically. Unsuitable expansion coefficient leads to cracking and cracking of the film surface.

Water-based Epoxy paint developed after the oil-based paint. Thanks to the modern scientific and technical innovations, water-based Epoxy coatings have the features of hardening, impact-resistant, acid-resistant and lightly acidified coatings such as oil-based paints. Spot of oil-based Epoxy paint.

Epoxy paint is water based, non-toxic, environmentally friendly. This is the advantage of allowing water-based Epoxy to completely replace oil-based paints. Water-based Epoxy paint becomes the main flooring material in areas with high sanitary requirements such as food factories, hospitals, swimming pools ...

Major improvements in water-based Epoxy Coatings:

+ A complete chemical reaction occurs during mixing and evaporation. Thus, water-based Epoxy Coatings are less likely to break down than oil-based and have a longer shelf life.

+ Quality of paint is designed in accordance with tropical climate 4 seasons.

Good ability to cure in a humid environment. Water-based Epoxy coatings extend the conditions, terrain is much more than Epoxy based oil paint, such as road tunnel walls, concrete structures of hydropower projects.

High safety in construction and environmentally friendly in use.

Non-solvent epoxy paint, also called self-flat Epoxy paint. This Epoxy paint does not contain volatile solvent, operates on the principle of self-balancing, so easily cover defects on the floor.

When painted, self-flating Epoxy has a large, average thickness of about 3 mm whereas Epoxy has a water-based and oil based base with an average thickness of 0.1 mm. Epoxy self-smoothing paint has remarkable features compared to the other two lines, self-flat Epoxy paint in addition to the features such as acid corrosion, antibacterial, waterproof, oil ... Advantages of this line of paint. It has a thick, durable bonding film, a very fine tensile Epoxy Surface, which allows the forklift of less than 16 tonnes to move over the surface under standard conditions.

In the world, Jotun, KKC ... are leading pioneers in the application of Epoxy paint in practice. The companies have also researched and are gradually converting oil-based Epoxy to water based water because of its superior properties.