The obsessions about the house when the rainy season comes


Leakage becomes an obsession for many when the rainy season approaches, especially in areas with heavy rainfall or when buildings do not use waterproofing materials. Here are five worries about housing when the rainy season approached many people.

You have to spend big money to buy or build a house and build a home for your family. Everyone wants the house to be beautiful and clean, but only a few rains have caused the house to become degraded. The walls were impregnated with peeling paint, the walls were discolored ... all of which lost the aesthetics and beauty of the house. This is one of the things that many people feel sad about when faced with the rainy season.

Occurrence of harmful mold

Long lasting rain will cause the humidity to be always higher and wetter and it is a good condition for harmful bacteria and molds to appear in the house. They will come from the location such as the foot of the wall, wall with molds, black mold ... This has caused respiratory diseases for all members of the family.

Fire and explosion may occur easily

Many hazards can happen to people if the house does not use waterproofing additives right from the beginning. Moisture is the greatest enemy of electric wall-mounted appliances, which can cause a short-lived failure of electrical appliances in the home. At the same time, fire and explosion are very dangerous for the lives of people living in the house.

Reduced service life

Our house, although built solidly, but if heavy rain will also be absorbed into the concrete layer, the metal inside affects the quality and longevity of the building. As the water penetrates the concrete, it may cause new cracks or openings to expand and cause subsidence.

High cost of repair

If the house is affected by rain, then we have to spend a lot of money to overcome these problems. This leaves you 10 to 15% of the value of the house to repair them.

Home fears in the wet season can be completely overcome and minimized if you invest in waterproof paints. From the construction phase, please pay attention to choose good waterproof material, high quality with excellent waterproofing. Do not let home when the wound is waterproof and will not be effective by doing right from the beginning.

According to Le Thuy /