Backer rod


To fix the expansion joint, slots in the building use a rod backer rod to insert into the slot and then to fill. Backer Rod inserts are made of PE foam, with round cross section and multiple diameters to match all expansion joints. Backer rod slot inserts adjust the depth between the expansion joints and keep the retention of grout, minimizing the amount of glue to use when filling.

The backer rod insert must be compacted at the insertion site to ensure that it does not move during application, to ensure this requires a Backer Rod insert 25% larger than the insertion slot.

Technical characteristics of backer rod

High ductility and durability

Tolerates external effects due to expansion and contraction

Prevent water intrusion

Good sound insulation and heat retention

Can be recycled and do not pollute the environment

Compatible with most sealants

Application bar insertion slot backer rod

Joints of glass

Expansion joints

Concrete joints

Corrugated iron joint

Highways, roads, bridges, ...

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