Waterproofing the basement with Quicseal 111 and Quicseal 119


Waterproofing of high-rise buildings: When designing a high-rise building, it is necessary to carefully calculate the strengths and important to be able to withstand high waterproofing. However, there are many high-rise buildings after finishing some time, the phenomenon of water absorption still occurs.
The cause is that ordinary material particles have a distance greater than the diameter of the water molecule, which penetrates into the capillary phenomenon. In addition, the phenomenon of material expansion and texture also cause the phenomenon of water absorption in the basement of high-rise buildings although the construction process is perfect.
The solution to the problem of leaking to the basement in the common areas, buildings are quite complex. As mentioned above, there are two main causes, if using high-grade waterproofing materials, the first cause is eliminated due to the nature of the material. For the second solution, it is necessary to identify all the causes of water infiltration from which the most reasonable way of construction.

The location is very easy to cause the phenomenon of waterproofing the basement

● Location between adjacent blocks.

● Location of contact between two different materials

● Anchor bolt joints, screws, ...

● Plumbing locations

● Location of drainage
From the locations found, it is possible to use sealing remedies or hi-tech waterproofing methods to completely eliminate the infiltration position. Although basement waterproofing is quite complex compared to waterproofing walls, roofs, but for the current waterproofing technology, it is no longer a problem that many people worry. For more information on how to waterproof the basement in high buildings, contact Son Tinh Company at the following address:

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