How to identify good or bad waterproofing products?


Waterproofing products are well or badly identified because of the real effect it brings when used: impregnated or not, not to use the most expensive type is good. It is true that each type of waterproofing products is indicated for specific cases. There is no all-purpose waterproof product like panacea. Apart from good waterproofing products, construction plays a very important role in waterproofing. Just a small slip in the construction also "create" conditions for the water to enter, so the new service waterproof and warranty

Customers can refer to the following waterproofing items:

WET MOUNTAINS-SWIMMING POOL: Quicseal 104S, Quicseal 144

FLOOR: Quicseal 103, Quicseal 124

STAINLESS: Quicseal 119, Quicseal 111

HARDWARE: Quicseal 535.

LATEX TOGETHER: Quicseal 607 (original Butadiene), Quicseal 608 (Arylic origin).

POWDER: Quicseal 551.

DO NOT SLEEP - THE ROOM: Quicseal 510, Quicseal 573.

GRILL ROTA DESIGN: Quicseal 600, Quicseal 620.

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