Waterproofing for roofs


When the roof is leaking not only affect the aesthetics of the house but also can affect the course of the family.

Therefore, there should be methods and timely, especially in the rainy season is approaching so as not to affect the activities of the family and the structure of the whole house. Here are some ways to waterproof the roof for your reference.

Waterproofing can be used with hot waterproof membrane 3mm thick, sticking to the foot of the wall 15-20cm.

For roofs made of tiles or corrugated iron

In case of using roofing or roofing tiles, the cause of water penetration is due to broken tiles, nail marks or at the joints leading to water absorption when the rainy season.

To make this type of roof waterproof, you just need to adjust the tile roof or use a mixture of cement, sand, other waterproofing and then apply a thick layer on the surface is leaking.

In the case of the roof, you use a nail screw tight to prevent water penetration underneath. In addition, you can combine with waterproof paint to paint on the screws on the roof to help waterproofing more effective.

For flat roofs

Normally, flat roofs are less prone to leaking, and leakage is due to the fact that the roof material has tiny pores that the eyes can not see. So, after a period of time under the influence of weather conditions make these holes grow to make your roof waterproof.

In this case you can use waterproof paints to paint through the leaking ceiling, the advantage of this paint is fast drying and effective waterproofing.

Waterproof Materials

For roofing you can use the following materials:

- You use emulsion paint will have a good waterproof effect.

- Use Eniroof resin to form a waterproof coating that will help prevent rainwater from seeping into the ceiling.

- Use a waterproof coating, which contains polymer components and other waterproofing additives, which will bond to form a waterproof membrane for the roof, balcony or terrace for your home.

However, if in the above cases you can not repair yourself or want to make waterproofing more safe and effective, it is recommended to use professional waterproofing units to achieve the best results. You can contact Son Tinh company through the following address for best service, commitment to warranty 10 years after waterproofing.

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