The way to waterproof the ceiling with concrete


With the impact of severe weather conditions, the leakage of walls and ceilings is very high, if you do not handle in time will affect the safety of the works. So, the waterproofing of walls, ceilings and floors is one of the first important steps that you need to take when building a home. In the article below we would like to guide you how to waterproof concrete ceiling for you to refer to:

There are various methods of waterproofing such as waterproofing membrane or waterproofing sealant ... With the selection of suitable waterproofing material, it will help you both save and bring high efficiency.

You can refer to some methods of waterproofing for concrete ceiling:

- Types of waterproofing membrane: Currently, the market sells many kinds of waterproof membranes that you can buy easily such as hot membrane, cold film. The advantage of these films is the ability to waterproof very well, very high durability you can peace of mind to use.

- Waterproofing Admixture: you use a mixer and other construction materials to help build the structural integrity of your building, improving the waterproofing of concrete ceilings.

- Injection or film-forming materials: This material is a liquid chemical that can be sprayed or scuffed onto a concrete ceiling to form a membrane that protects the ceiling from the effects of leaching. This waterproofing also makes it easy to apply and is also quite effective.

- Waterproofing or spraying waterproofing cement: This waterproofing is relatively easy to apply. However, their disadvantage is limited by the direct sunlight, which reduces the durability and waterproofing ability. Often people will apply this method to waterproof the building in the basement, elevator shaft.

On how to apply waterproofing as follows:

- First, you chisel out the convex surface on the surface to form a flat concrete surface, but in the cracked area, you chisel into the V-groove with a depth of about 2cm, you can use sandpaper to sand the surface of the calf For smoothing, the waterproofing will be more effective.

- Next, you clean the concrete surface is very clean, can use the vacuum cleaner to clean the surface to increase the waterproofing effect. But note should only be done against the surface dry to create the best adhesion offline.

Here we have just shared the way to waterproofing concrete ceiling for your reference. Again, we would like to advise you to carry out the waterproofing process from the beginning to bring the highest effect, avoid the case of new waterproofing or leaking waterproof to leak there.