What's waterproofing?


The use of waterproofing methods and prestige waterproofing products, quality will ensure not change the structure, structure or aesthetics of construction.

If the works are not waterproofing well then what?

Leakage is the main cause of damage and reduces the life of the building. Water leakage through the concrete stop, adjacent joints, cracked concrete will rust, iron rust, blooming paint, lime ceiling ... Damage to the equipment in the house due to moisture, mold high humidity

When you find the cause of leaking you can proceed from home repair to repair the damage to the paint to complete.

-The method of waterproofing treatment

To thoroughly tackle the leakage problem, you first need to find out the main cause of the leaking phenomenon and zone the waterproofing treatment.

- Waterproofing roof, terrace

Waterproofing the roof, the terrace is quite important, if not treated well waterproof will cause the phenomenon of blooming paint, lime around the wall, the ceiling, and make your home wet uncomfortably. . The rainy season will leak into your home through cracked concrete.

- Waterproof the ceiling.

The ceiling is adjacent to the roof and the wall. Due to the shrinkage of unevenness between concrete and brick wall, after a period of use, they are separated into two separate layers, so that rain water easily permeates the crack causing leakage. for your works.

- Wall waterproofing

In the rainy season, water will often throw in the walls causing mold, ruining your walls if your walls are not treated well outside waterproofing.

Toilet waterproofing

The toilet is a frequent occurrence of leakage due to the lack of good leakproof waterproofing treatment at the neck and technical boxes at the bottom of the floor. This is where frequent contact with water so need to carefully consult.

- Waterproofing basement

The basement is also a popular place for leakage due to water leakage in concrete stops, in the long run leading to the destruction of steel structures and concrete if not treated leaky waterproofing. thoroughly.