Common reasons for wet walls and how to fix them


It is equally important for you to take care of the maintenance of your home as you do when building your home. A good home, protect you from the sun, rain, mold ... will make your life happy and prosperous. And perhaps the disease that every house is infected with is wet, leaking on the walls. This will be annoying and annoying for your life if your home does not care about waterproofing.
The main reason for the wall being wet, leaking due to the moisture trapped in the walls, is related to the lack of waterproofing or waterproofing wrong. Proper waterproofing during the construction of the house is something that you need to care about.

Common reasons for wet walls:

Walls are cracks (there are many invisible cracks) from which the water flowing into the deposited form the wet walls.

Cracks or broken bricks from the roof of the water will flow down the wall and leach

The water is leaking by the indoor water system especially the wet foot areas such as toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, ...

If you handle the exterior without finding the cause of the infiltration from the interior, the wet leak of the wall will not be remedied. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the causes of permeability and use good quality waterproofing products. If the wall is wet, moldy you can use the product Quicseal 105 by pumping. QUICSEAL 105 is a water-dispersible one-component polymer solution for moisture and waterproofing on concrete and mortar surfaces. In areas where groundwater intrusion is available, QUICSEAL 105 can be pumped to the ground immediately. after the substrate without reducing the water pressure. QUICSEAL 105 will react to groundwater and chemical reactions will occur. The glue particles will form and be carried away by the soil, to block all leaks, up to 3m from the point of injection. This method needs to erase the foot wall so we recommend that when building a house to combine waterproofing for your home, thus saving you time and money for you.

In order to protect the concrete layer from deterioration and not to be affected by outside factors, it is recommended to use Bestseal 11, a two-component water-based epoxy resin that can cover cracks, resistance bacteria, anti-moisture, mildew resistant to mild back pressure. Bestseal 11 is the right choice for waterproofing walls, cement floors, concrete floors, ...

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