Quicseal 103 - effective waterproofing solution for external walls


The weather in Vietnam is so severe that external walls are affected by weather such as ultraviolet rays, acid from rain water, temperature difference causing cracking structure ... will lead to leaky nuisance, annoying go to bed

Currently, there are many waterproof paints for exterior walls of companies such as Dulux, Jotun, ... but only paint for 2-3 years to repaint.

Quicseal 103 is known to be extremely waterproof for exterior walls by UV resistance, good coverage, 300% elasticity, adhesion> 1.5N, color matching required so you do not need. to paint the water when it is finished.

Quicseal 103 has been executed by Son Tinh company and is well appreciated by customers. In addition to waterproofing for exterior walls, Quicseal 103 is also used for waterproofing of roofs, but must have sufficient slope for running water, waterproofing and concrete protection against degradation from ultraviolet (UV) effects.

Waterproofing your newly built walls simply sweeps 2 to 3 layers of Quicseal 103 onto the whole surface of the wall after cleaning the surface of the wall clean, dust and sand free. For old walls, due to the impact of the weather will be peeling, cracking you need to treat the cracks by sweeping Quicseal 105 into the cracks and then plaster cracks flat with Quicseal 551O mixed plaster with Quicseal 609, then 2 layers of Quicseal 103 is completed.

Quicseal 103 will create a waterproof, anti-bacterial, UV resistant layer to keep your walls strong and always new. For more information about Quicseal 103 products, you can contact Son Tinh through the following address:

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