Quicseal 600 wall tile adhesive


Quicseal 600 wall tile adhesive has a high adhesive strength on all substrates. Quicseal 600 is a mixture of cement, selective sand, synthetic resins, specially formulated additives that are pre-mixed with only added water for immediate use. Quicseal 600 tile adhesive will not stain stained, waterproof effect. In particular, Quicseal 600 tile adhesive will work great when paving finished using Quicseal 620 rub clay to brush the lines of bricks.

What is the composition of quicseal 600 wall tiles?

Quicseal 600 wall mortar is a pre-mixed mortar, high viscosity, good adhesion, allowing you to apply easily and quickly.

Quicseal 600 is a mixture of cement mix with selective sand and special additives, manufactured using the formula developed by Quicseal Chemicals in Singapore.

Typical application of Quicseal 600 wall tiles

Ceramic tile, brick, brick, mosaic tile, natural stone, artificial granite tile> 800mm * 800mm indoor and outdoor

Advantages of Quicseal wall tiles

Waterproof, excellent slip resistance by Quicseal 600 has excellent water-proof properties

Good adhesion and no shrinkage when frozen

When mixed with water to create a high viscosity mixture, shorten the time of construction

Do not stain bricks after using long time such as traditional cement mortar

Suitable for many sizes of tiles, from small, medium to large

Caution when using Quicseal 600 wall tiles

Do not stick on walls that are prone to bending and vibration

Do not soak bricks, ice in water before applying

Installation instructions for Quicseal 600 wall tiles

Pour 5 ~ 5.5 liters of water into a clean container. Gradually add 25 kg of QUICSEAL 600 and mix with slow speed mixer until homogeneous and homogeneous mortar is reached. Leave the mixture for 5 minutes and stir well before use.
To achieve good adhesion, first apply a thin layer of QUICSEAL 600 onto the surface, using the straight edges of the following immediately followed by the appropriate QUICSEAL 600 at the edge of the V groove to achieve the required thickness. set The size of the fly is dependent on the type and size of the brick.
For bricks with large dimensions and edges or grooves, apply a QUICSEAL 600 coat on the back of the bricks to ensure that the QUICSEAL 600 is fully covered when installing.
Place the adhesive on the adhesive and ensure sufficient compressive strength is applied to achieve a good bond between the adhesive and the adhesive.
Unfavorable climatic conditions such as strong sunlight, high winds and temperatures, and so on and spongy surfaces can reduce the application time of the glue. Therefore, careful testing should be taken to ensure that the thinning of the glue surface does not occur before placing the tile. If a thinning layer has occurred, apply another adhesive before placing the tile.
Brick must be adjusted within 30 minutes after installation and must be protected from rain or strong sunlight for at least 24 hours.

All tools and hands can be cleaned with plenty of water before the glue solidifies. Once solidified, cleaning becomes more difficult but can often be eliminated by mechanical means.
Quicseal 600 is packed in 25kg bags
12 months in storage conditions in cool and unopened bags
Use Quicseal wall tile adhesive you should use glue rub, bricks to bring the best effect.
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