two component cementitious waterproofing products


Waterproof products on the market have many different components to suit the purpose. Water-based, acrylic-based, butadiene-based, but perhaps the most commonly used are two-component cementitious waterproofing products. What is the waterproof cement root 2 components? What are the advantages of these products? Which two-component cementitious waterproofing products should be used effectively? ... This article will answer all your questions when choosing cementitious waterproofing products. Composition for your house.
What is the 2-component cementitious waterproofing?

Two-component cementitious waterproofing products are mixtures consisting of component A (liquid) and component B (cementitious powder) rated at a certain percentage by the manufacturer.
Advantages of 2-component cementitious waterproofing products

Due to the cement-based waterproofing, the time of curing is fast, good adhesion on various materials such as: concrete, brick wall, ceramic tile, gypsum, steel, galvanized metal, ...

Waterproofing of two-component cementitious solids (up to 230%) is suitable for waterproofing of wet areas such as waterproofing of toilets, waterproofing of roofs. , water tank, ...

2-component cement-free cementitious and corrosive salt, environmentally friendly and salt-water-repellent. In addition, these products do not contain toxic substances, good weather resistance.

In the market there are many products of waterproofing cement with two components, Son Tinh company would like to introduce to customers of cement-based waterproofing products imported from Singapore. Quicseal 144, Quicseal 104s, Quicseal 104. With the above mentioned advantages, the excellent waterproofing qualities are suitable for waterproofing tunnels, elevator shafts, balconies, water tanks, swimming pools, flower basins. , ...
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