Why brick glue is more popular than cement mortar?


For bricklaying in construction we still use the traditional method, so far as cement mortar. However, along with the development of science and technology, tile adhesive has become and is becoming a new substitute for cement mortar in the market. What are the advantages of brick glue than cement mortar that is so popular? Let Son Tinh learn about this adhesive tile product.

If using cement mortar for paving the brick cheap price, but the quality and aesthetics will be limited. In addition, cement mortar will not achieve high efficiency and long-term durability due to low adhesion, short application time, shrinkage of large oil tank. Another very important problem of cement mortar for paving tiles is that it creates holes in the bottom of the brick that make the water easy to penetrate, causing yellowing of the brick. And brick glue was born to overcome all the problems.
The first advantage of brick glue is convenient and easy to use, just mix the product with clean water in the right ratio can be constructed, bricks do not need to soak the water immediately put into construction. Secondly, brick adhesives have good adhesion, high polymer content should help shrinkage shrinkage so the adhesion between mortar and bricks to prevent the brick to peel. Glue brick will bring aesthetics to the works due to long construction time allows the brickmaker to be meticulous and easy. In addition, tile adhesives are highly applicable when most tiles have smooth surface, difficult to adhere such as glass mosaic tiles, large size granite tiles, ...

Also use the adhesive tile will not be waterproof because the product has waterproof properties, excellent rheology.

At present, there are many kinds of brick adhesive, Son Tinh would like to introduce to you the Quicseal 600 tile adhesive imported from Singapore. Quicseal 600 tile adhesive is suitable for bonding ceramic tiles, mines, bricks, mosaic tiles, natural stones, etc. on the walls and floors, inside and outside areas, conventional cement mortar or plastering. Quicseal 600 is made of glue for all sizes of tiles from small to medium size.

In the future, with outstanding advantages, brick adhesives will be used widely to replace cement mortar in construction works. To find out more about Quicseal 600 tile adhesive, please visit here address

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