waterproofing of swimming pool


Swimming pools and fountains are continuously exposed to factors such as water, UV radiation, chemicals and wear and tear due to daily use. Therefore, the pool waterproofing is necessary to avoid serious damage to the structure as well as long life of the swimming pool.

With 20 years experience in the field of waterproofing, Son Tinh company would like to introduce our customers effective solution for swimming pool waterproofing with products imported from Singapore and Greece. That's the Quicseal and Mariseal

In Quicseal products, Quicseal 104s and Quicseal 144 should be used for waterproofing of swimming pools. With two-component cementitious waterproofing membrane, the product after curing creates a durable and good adhesive.

MARISEAL SYSTEM, waterproof polyurethane waterproofing system, can completely waterproof swimming pools and fountains before paving, to create a safe waterproof environment and ensure long-term protection. buildings. MARISEAL SYSTEM is not only applied on the floor but also on the walls.

Products used

Need protection layer

There are 3 suitable product lines:
Mariseal 300 Coating, Mariseal Aqua Primer
Quicseal 104s
Quicseal 144