waterproofing of elevator shaft


Along with the development of the country, more and more buildings, buildings, apartments,... are built, the move by elevator is indispensable. To ensure that the elevator is safe, it is important to protect the elevator shaft. There are many ways to waterproof the elevator shafts but not all the way to achieve the desired effect. Son Tinh Company would like to introduce our customers to the efficient elevator waterproofing solution that is less costly with Quicseal 111 products imported from Singapore. With 20 years of experience in the field of waterproofing, we are committed to bring the best quality of service and 10 year warranty.

QUICSEAL 111 is a specialized chemical used in waterproofing and concrete protection. The product is a cementitious waterproofing material 01 active ingredient, inorganic, the principle will work with water and excess lime in the structure to form waterproof thick solids, seal the capillaries in the calf It does not let water pass through, it can reactivate after a long period of time if water or moisture continues to appear. Customers can refer to details about Quicseal 111 products here

Process of elevator waterproofing is as follows:

Step 1: Preparation of the site: the construction site must be clean, flat to be applied. This is an important step in the waterproofing of elevator shaft should be done carefully and thoughtfully.

- The waterproofing area for elevator shafts will be checked for chopping, chiselling, grinding ... removing layers of mortar, falling, blistering, excess coffa, dirt ... .... to create a firm and clean surface.

- Use high mortar (1 part cement: 3 parts sand: 1 part Quicseal 111 powder) fill, rounded convex corners, talus concave corners, fill surface defects ...

Step 2: Mixing Supplies:

Note: It is necessary to moisten the surface of the waterproofing area for elevator shafts, moisture saturated surface without stagnant water.

Gradually add 6.5 liters of fresh water to the container, slowly pour in the material into about ½ of the weight of the 25 kg bag, mix lightly, then pour the rest into the pan, mix well for 3-5 minutes. The plaster is waterproof plastic, homogeneous non-lumps ...

Step 3: Scan the waterproofing

- Apply first coat of Quicseal 111 to the entire surface of the elevator shaft in a specified direction of 1.0 kg / m2.

- Allow to dry after 2 hours, moisten the surface of the first layer, apply a second layer of Quicseal 111 for the entire surface of KVCT in a certain direction perpendicular to the first layer of 1.0 kg / m2.

Step 4: Maintenance:

After the waterproofing layer is dry, cure by continuous moisturization for at least 24 hours.

Step 5: Test water, take over:

Soak in water 24 hours, take over. Protective mortar (if any), complete delivery

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