waterproofing of basement


Basement items are usually underground, where the impact of groundwater, drainage systems of buildings is affected, so the basement waterproofing treatment is very important. Not only helps the basement to work normally, but waterproofing also helps longevity of the basement is long.

In order to protect the basement of high quality and competitive price, Son Tinh Company has used Quicseal 111 imported from Singapore. With the advantages of easy construction, low cost, effective waterproofing in hydrostatic conditions, the Quicseal 111 is the right choice in basement waterproofing.

The construction process is as follows:

Step 1: Cleaning and filling

The waterproofing area will be checked for chopping, chiselling, grinding, ... removing mortar, falling, blistering, excess coffa, dirt... in order to create a firm, clean surface.

Use high mortar (1 part cement: 3 parts sand: 1 part Quicseal 111 powder) fill, rounded convex corners, talus concave corners, fill surface defects ...

 Note: It is necessary to moisten the surface of the preparation area to be waterproof, saturated but not stagnant.

Step 2: Mixing Supplies:

Gradually add 6.5 liters of fresh water to the container, slowly pour in the material into about ½ of the weight of the 25 kg bag, mix lightly, then pour the rest into the pan, mix well for 3-5 minutes. The plaster is waterproof plastic, homogeneous non-lumps...

Step 3: Waterproofing:

- Apply the first layer of Quicseal 111 to the entire surface of the KVCT in a specified direction of 1.0 kg / m2.

- Allow to dry after 2 hours, moisten the surface of the first layer, apply a second layer of Quicseal 111 for the entire surface of KVCT in a certain direction perpendicular to the first layer of 1.0 kg / m2.

Step 4: Maintenance

After the waterproofing layer is dry, cure by continuous moisturization for at least 24 hours.

Step 5: Test the water, test

Soak in water 24 hours, take over. Protective mortar (if any), complete delivery