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Slot, heat gap is a slot created by two blocks of adjacent but separated. Cause of this phenomenon is due to the foundation is shifted, and each wall is on a different foundation, the longer the foundation subsidence, causing the cracks between the two walls ... When encountering rain with a long time, Rainwater will crease into the crevices, the groove to penetrate the inner wall and soak up the walls. Contiguous works do not work together, using different materials causing different plastering conditions. Besides using poor quality materials, when encountering sudden changes of weather Shrinkage, uneven expansion, cracks, water retention and osmosis through the walls.
The settlement will be shifted so the waterproofing material used for the slit must ensure the technical requirements in case of expansion joints to 30% compared to the current situation, the material is still to ensure the elongation. In order to ensure this, Son Tinh would like to introduce to you the solution of slit settlement, expansion joint, optimal, low cost. The process is as follows:

Step 1: Preparation of construction site: installation of scaffolds, ladders

Step 2: Slice the mortar inside the slit to about 4 cm depth

Step 3: Inside the toilet, clean the mortar, drop mortar, mortar mortar ...

Step 4: In the case of non-standard slot edge design or corner break ... Use standard slat bar then pour non shrink mortar Quicseal 510 sealed 2 edge seal. Depending on the size of the project and the design requirements of the slot width will vary but the average will be 2-3 cm wide

Step 5: Set the Backer rod to adjust the slot depth to 1 cm from the wall to the highest point of the Backer rod.

Step 6: Apply one coat of Mariseal Aqua Primer at 0.07kg / m2 for the entire interior of the joint and sweep away from the edge of the joint to the sides of the 10 cm wall. Quic Sealant Polyurethane Sealants 201 sealed and recessed, curved inwards with a maximum depth of 0.5cm from the finished wall.

Step 7: Apply two layers of Mariseal 250 Aqua, sanding to create a bonding surface. At this step, you can replace the 3 layers of Quicseal 103 with 1.5kg / m2 / 3 layers for the entire surface of the waterproofing along the length of the joint. Quicseal 103 can be colored on request and not water-based, thus saving on cost. If you use Quicseal 103 do not do step 8.

Step 8: Apply Quicseal 551-E outside plaster, paint rolls as required.

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