waterproofing of wall


Over time, under the impact of extreme weather outside the home will be cracked, when it rains, rain water enters the cracks and infiltration around the walls as well as inside the house, causing inconvenience in living. and can be dangerous if infiltrated to a location where power is available. In the central provinces, waterproofing of external walls by corrugated iron, this method is impermeable, which when impregnated will be difficult to handle, in addition, tiles will lose aesthetics for your home.

Son Tinh Waterproofing introduces to customers simple and effective wall waterproofing solutions using Quicseal 103 products imported from Singapore. Quicseal 103 ACRYLFLEX is a one-component water-based acrylic waterproofing membrane, including specialty plastic polymers, fillers and additives to provide excellent UV resistance as well as provide long lasting protection

Advantages of Quicseal 103

 One component, easy to use
 Can be applied by brush, roller or spray
 Elastic, with excellent restorative properties (elongation> 150%)
Membrane seamless
Ability to cover cracks (2mm crack width)
Suitable for outdoor items
Can be coated with good quality acrylic paint
The ability to cover well, light and do not absorb light energy, will make your home cooler during the summer.
For the new wall

After finishing the finishing mortar, the surface of the mortar should be cleaned to ensure that no dust and sand are trapped on the surface of the wall. Apply 2-3 layers of QUICSEAL 103 to the whole surface of the wall.

Note: The application time between classes is 2-3 hours.

For the old wall

Step 1: Clean the surface of the crack, remove impurities

Step 2: Apply a layer of waterproofing Quicseal 105 to the crack

Step 3: Spread flat with Quicseal 551 O with Quicseal Latex Adhesive 609 into the crack.

Step 4: Quicseal 103 waterproofing sweep

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