Waterproofing roof sheet effect


Roofs used for long periods of time under the influence of weather will be leached to affect the life and life of your family. So how to prevent leaking roof sheet in the rainy season effective but cheap? This article by Son Tinh will guide you to solve this problem quickly and easily.

To thoroughly waterproof the roof, it is imperative to find out the cause of leakage and precisely where the water penetrates. These causes may be leaked from rubber-tipped nails at the aging nail, section. Leaking from the corrugations, especially at the bottom of the roof, due to the slope of the roof, large water flow at the bottom of the large roof to drain the water does not promptly spill into the joints at the bottom of the roof. Also due to long-term use of corrugated iron roof leaking also cause leaking.

Once the cause is identified, the anti-leaching method is as follows:

Step 1: Prepare the sheet metal surface

The surface should be clean, dry, with rust spots used by polishing machine.

Step 2: Scan the Mariseal waterproofing material

First coat the Mariseal Aqua Primer on the waterproofing roof

For the vertical position of the wall and a layer of reinforced polyester mesh Mariseal 250

For the Quicseal 201 helmets and the Mariseal 250

For the corrugated joints of the glass net and then covered with a layer of Mariseal 250.

Products used for waterproofing sheet metal

Products used to waterproof leaking for the roof of the company that Son Tinh includes Mariseal Aqua Primer, Mariseal 250 and Quicseal 201. Mariseal Aqua Primer is a water-based epoxy primer, used as a primer. Popular in waterproofing. Mariseal 250 is a high-grade polyurethane waterproofing membrane, permanent elasticity, water resistance, excellent UV resistance. Quicseal 201 is a polyurethane adhesive used to fill joints, joints on all surfaces of materials such as cement, ceramic, aluminum, glass, ...

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