PU 996

PU 996

Origin: Taiwan

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Polyurethane 996 is a water-repellent polyurethane resin. Reaction with water to form sealed polyurethane foam.


High adhesion
Does not contain solvent, safe for the environment.
Great adhesion on most surfaces.
Resists most organic solvents, light acids and alkalis.
Quickly form high resilience foam that allows for cracks and joints to move
Reactions in sea water and mineral water.
Waterproof plastics are used for waterproofing
Pump directly into cracks, leaks and joints
Quickly foaming to prevent leakage.

PolyUrethane 996 can be pumped as follows:

1) Use a piston machine with high output pressure. Resin will work with water to create foam.
2) Use 2 piston pumps with different ratio (water: plastic) as required.
PolyUrethane 996 is supplied in a 5 gallon bucket.
Health and Safety
PolyUrethane 996 should be used directly. We recommend that you read the safety and health instructions carefully before use. It is recommended to use the necessary personal protective equipment

PolyUrethane 996 should be stored in a room at a maximum temperature of 38 ° C, kept dry and protected from direct sunlight. The shelf life is one year in the unopened container.

The product is recommended to be used in the appropriate temperature condition for at least 12 hours during application. Make sure the product is consistently homogenised, pumped into the crack and dried for at least 15 minutes before application