Quicseal 620

Quicseal 620

Origin: Singapore

Price: 35,000đ

See technical document here

QUICSEAL 620 COLOUR GROUT FINE GRAIN is a specially formulated coloured grout comprising of cement, graded fine fillers, synthetic resins and additives.

QUICSEAL 620 when mixed with water or QUICSEAL 609 cures to form a water resistant and durable grout. It is recommended for filling joints up to 3 mm wide.

Typical Uses

QUICSEAL 620 is suitable for filing tile joints for ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, klinker, mosaics, natural stones, etc:

  • for both wall and floor
  • internal and external areas
  • swimming pools


  • For use on tiles with microscopic pores/holes or rough surfaces, test to ensure that the grout can be cleaned off from the tile surface.
  • For tile joints more than 3mm wide, use QUICSEAL 621 Colour Grout Large Grain.
  • For acid resistant joints, use QUICSEAL 613 TILE GROUT.

Substrate Preparation

Ensure that the adhesive or bonding mortar has set.The joints must be clean and free of dust and loose particles. Laitance, oil, grease, wax or any substance that may inhibit the adhesion of QUICSEAL 620 must be removed.


It is advisable to wait at least 7 days before grouting if the conventional system was used to install the finishes. Finishes laid with adhesive can be grouted 3 ~ 4 hours after the installation or when the adhesive has set.


Mixing Instructions

Pour 1.3 litres of water or QUICSEAL 609 into a clean container. Slowly add 5 kg of QUICSEAL 620 and mix with a slow speed mechanical mixer until homogenous coloured, lump free paste.   Allow the grout to stand for 5 minutes and re-stir before use.


Fill the joints completely with QUICSEAL 620 and compress it with a rubber trowel or squeegee. Allow the grout to dry slightly until a plastic paste before  proceeding  with  cleaning.

Clean off the excess grout with a damp sponge. Rinse the sponge with water and continue this process until all the residue grout is removed from the tile surface.

The joints must be protected from rain or strong sun for at least 24 hours.


All tools and hands may be cleaned with abundant water before the adhesive sets. After setting, cleaning becomes very difficult but can usually be helped by mechanical means.


The approximate quantity of QUICSEAL 620 required depends on the joint width, tile size and tile thickness.


QUICEAL 620 is supplied in 20 kg bags.


12 months in a dry place in the original packaging


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