Origin: Taiwan

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The 601 is a waterproof and warm waterproof coating. It is produced in a binary way of acrylic emulsion polymerization emulsion. It provides excellent water resistance and insulation. This product makes a complete hardness problem from the old bootleg, but longer will be made by plastic acrylic standard. It is also water-resistant and has a hardness that does not coincide with most water-based acrylic layers. Features of the best is a good stickers with paint painting, problem problems.
Stick with wall painting - absolutely no foam.
Your memory has a problem with external externed paint but not problems with trails or nods.
Apply 601 waterproofing layer to the outside of the right wall to avoid the presence of weather problems and empty concrete.
Walls can be used instead of achieving waterproof, thermal insulation and aesthetics.

Spot and insulate exterior painted fireplaces and exterior doors of walls.
Repairing the surface for peeling or cracking of wall paint.

26 ~ 33 m2 / 5 gallon (20 kg).


White, Cream, Gray. Other different products.

1 gallon (4 Kgs) / 5 gallons (20 kg).

Paint brushes, rollers, pressure guns.

Cleaning clean water. Use the machine to be used

Apply 3 layers over current leakage to increase force. In the case of large leaks, use glass nets to increase the force.
Apply 3 layers 601 thoroughly.
For the first class, add the water to the merged with 601 at a 1: 1 like liner layer to confirm.
Print the current cement surface, for the first layer, do not need to mix 601 with water. Only scan 601 directly, because it is not required to verify.
Apply 1 coat of 701 topcoat.

If problem flourours of the groove as well as fatalness, scan 930 lp layer first.

Be cautious about weather in scans. Avoid blurring the image that affects the result before creating the membrane.
Care must be taken to avoid the edges.

Elongation: 450% (AMSTD D2370)
Tensile strength: 13 Kgf / cm2
Resistance: 5 Kgf / cm
UV resistance: 10,000 hours unchanged
Compression resistance: 3 MPa
Water absorption: 0.17% max
Waterproofing: 18 hours unchanged
Solid content: 60%