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The 701 is waterproof and heat-resistant, water-resistant, heat-resistant, and weatherproof. It consists of hollow ceramic particles (N2: 96% air, 4% ceramics) that glow, creating an excellent insulating layer and reducing the thermal conductivity to achieve high thermal efficiency. 701 can be used directly for waterproofing and insulation or can be applied together with water-based, elastic cement or other elastic waterproofing materials to achieve optimum performance.


Waterproofing and insulation for large decks and exterior walls.

Click and drag to move Insulation for tile roofs, plastic roofing, corrugated iron roofs and sheets.

Can be used as a UV-resistant surface finish for most resin cement and other water-based polyurethane surfaces.
Waterproofing floor: 1.0 kg / m2 (dry film thickness of 0.5 ~ 1.0mm, covering about 2 ~ 3 layers).
Waterproofing or use is a water-based or PU-based surface coating: 0.3 kg / m 2 (dry film thickness 0.3 ~ 0.5 mm for 2 layers).
Allow the concrete to breathe, do not create bubbles.
The raw material is acrylic resin. Avoid the smell and the pollution of solvents
Optimum permeability.
Optimal heat conduction reduction.
Resists UV rays and lowers indoor temperatures.
Not harmful.
Highly durable and resistant to rain, free from dirt and dust.
Easy to use and easy to clean.
Mechanical properties
Water absorption: 0.17% (ASTM C272)
Conduction: 0.0286 kcal / mh ℃ (CNS7332 average 30 ± 5 ℃)
No fire (Bunsen lamp)
When used as a waterproofing floor:
Thoroughly clean the dirt at the site.
Apply 3 separate layers for wall joints, cracks, pipe neck ...
2-1 Grade 1: Grade 701 plus water: 1: 1 ~ 2.
2-2 Layer 2: wait for the first layer to dry (about 30 minutes), apply the second layer 701 and use reinforced fiberglass mesh.
Layer 3: wait for layer 2 to dry (about 30 minutes), layer 701 for layer 3 to have absolute waterproof effect.
Apply to the entire surface in 2-3 layers (each layer is about 30 minutes apart). Grade 1 can be further diluted with water to make it easier to bond for later layers.
B. Waterproofing or use as water-based PU, elastic or bitumen:
After finishing the waterproof PU, elastic cement or bitumen, swab 2 layers of 701 immediately before the surface is dry.
Separated for about 30 minutes for 2 coats 701.


Use a brush, roller or airless spray
White, blue, beige (please contact other colors)
20kg / carton, 4kg / carton
Expiry date

12 months. Avoid direct sunlight. Store the product in a sealed container and leave it indoors
During rainy weather, it will affect the drying process and film formation