Quicseal 302LV

Quicseal 302LV

Origin: Singapore

Price: 390,000đ

See technical document here

QUICSEAL 302LV is a two-component, solvent-free, low viscosity epoxy resin specially designed to repair cracks in concrete. It is moisture tolerant, allowing for injection into damp cracks and provides good water resistance and protection against chemical attack.


  • injection sealing of hairline cracks in concrete structures and masonry
  • rebonding and cavity filling of hollow walls and floors
  • grouting machinery base when combined with clear dry silica sand
  • virtually impermeable to carbon dioxide and protects the concrete against carbonation



Fast cure


Short downtime


Non Shrink


negligible volume shrinkage after cure


Low viscosity


Allows penetration to very fine gaps


Adheres to damp surfaces


Allows injection into damp cracks

Instruction for Use

QUICSEAL 302LV injection is particularly useful as a method of carrying out structural repairs of concrete and masonry. It forms a bond between the broken sections stronger than the materials itself and seals the cracks the cracks against ingress of water and other aggressive agents which may have a deleterious effect on reinforcement.

Before deciding to inject cracks, the cause of the cracks must be established and ensure that they are not still moving by using suitable tell tale devices. If movement is occurring, the crack should be treated as a normal movement joint. Otherwise, the crack and surrounding surface must be thoroughly clean, dry and all loose debris removed.

QUICSEAL 304 EPOXY PUTTY is then used to the surface and bond on the injection nipples will be approximately 1 ½ - 2 times (less for very fine cracks) the thickness of the concrete member to be repaired. Cracks through the entire thickness of the concrete member should be sealed on both sides. Once QUICSEAL 304 EPOXY PUTTY has hardened, which normally takes about an hour, the injection resin is mixing by using slow-speed drill and paddle for about 1-3 minutes until a homogenous honey coloured liquid is achieved. Simply inject the mixed resin into the horizontal or vertical cracks.


The gel time of premixed material is dependent on the quantity of the batch and temperature. A large batch is likely to react much faster than a small quantity of material. Therefore it is crucial the user of single component equipment to monitor closely to prevent premature reaction in the pump system. If a reaction of the batch occurs while pumping, immediately shut down the machine and flush with a cleaner to avoid built up and clogging of the equipment.


1 litre will fill a length of 13m for a cavity of 25mm deep by 3mm wide.

Cleaning of Tools

Tools and equipment may be cleaned with xylene or aromatic solvents


QUICSEAL 302LV is supplied pre-weighed in 1.5kg & 6kg set.


  • as with all EPOXY RESIN products, wear protective overalls and gloves- prolonged contact with the skin should be avoided.
  • ensure adequate ventilation
  • skin contamination should be cleaned immediately with soap and plenty of water. If resin or hardener enters the eyes, wash immediately with running water and consult a doctor immediately