Quicseal 573

Quicseal 573

Origin: Singapore

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QUICSEAL 573 is a single component, self-levelling polymer-modified compound consisting  of a blend of powders, well-graded aggregates and special additives to achieve good flow property.

When mixed, QUICSEAL 573 becomes a flowable compound and is easily applied over concrete floors as an interior underlayment for carpets, vinyl floor coverings or subsequent placement. QUICSEAL 573 is durable and has excellent adhesion to concrete substrates.


  • Early strength gain
  • Ready for foot traffic after 10 hours
  • Single component system – user friendly
  • Excellent Flow
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete
  • Low shrinkage
  • Ammonia free
  • Abrasion resistance

Typical Uses

QUICSEAL 573 is ideal for areas like:

  • As general resurfacing and repairing of concrete surface where for subsequent floor coverings.
  • Underlayment for carpets, parquet, vinyl floor coverings, tiles or natural stones

Suitable for interior application eg. offices, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, apartments and etc.

Surface Preparation

The substrate must be roughened or broom finished, structurally sound, clean and free from any loose dust, oil, grease, curing compound or other contaminants. Remove defective and unsound substrate.

Fill large cracks and holes with QUICSEAL 514 REPAIR MORTAR. Allow the treatment to cure followed by general washing.


Prior to application of QUICSEAL 114 Primer M, remove all free water from the surface.   Apply 1-2 coats of QUICSEAL 114 at 30-40 minutes time interval between coats. QUICSEAL 573 should be applied as soon as the primer becomes tacky.


Sufficient labour and materials should be worked out and prepared prior to installation of QUICSEAL 573.

For small quantities

QUICSEAL 573 may be mixed using a hand held mechanical mixer. Pour the required  amount of water into the pail followed by addition of QUICSEAL 573. Mix with a slow speed mechanical mixer for approximately 3 minutes until a lump free homogenous consistency is obtained. Let the mix stand for approximately 3 minutes and restir before use.

For large quantities

QUICSEAL 573 may be mixed using a continuous mixer. Pour the required amount of water into the mixer for mixing followed by QUICSEAL 573. Mix for approximately 3 minutes until a lump free homogenous consistency is obtained. Let the mix stand for approximately 3  minutes and restir before use.

Ensure that mixer is washed thoroughly before the next batch.


Discharge the mix onto the primed substrate and spread with a trowel at thickness of minimum 1 mm to maximum 5 mm in one layer. Roll over the surface using a spiked roller to release any bubbles in the mix

For placement of more than 1 layer, sufficient curing time interval of 24 hours is  recommended for each subsequent layer, after the previous layer completely cures and hardens. Apply 1 coat of QUICSEAL 114 prior to application of QUICSEAL 573. On porous substrate, a second coat of QUICSEAL 114 Primer may be necessary.

Allow the screed to cure for a minimum of 3 days (depending on substrate condition) before laying over with floor coverings


QUICSEAL 573 is available in 25kg bags.


1.50kg/m2 per mm thickness of QUICSEAL 573


The shelf life of QUICSEAL 573 is 12 months when stored unopened, and kept in a cool and dry place.

Health & Safety

Avoid eye contact and unnecessary skin contact, as the product is alkaline. Gloves, goggles and dust mask should be worn. Avoid inhalation of dust during mixing. Wash thoroughly after handling. In case of eye contact, flush with plenty of clean water. Seek medical help immediately.


  1. Do not use for exterior applications or areas where vehicular trafficking is expected
  2. Do not apply QUICSEAL 573 if temperature falls below 5°C
  3. QUICSEAL 573 must be well cured before covering.