Quicseal 602HB

Quicseal 602HB

Origin: Singapore

Price: 250,000đ

See technical document here

QUICSEAL 602HB High Build Mortar is a multi-purpose pre-packed, factory blended powder mix comprising of carefully selected raw materials, Portland Cement and graded aggregates and specially formulated additives designed to be mixed with appropriate QUICSEAL latex admixtures for the installation of ceramic tiles, natural stones, screeds and renders, forming spatter and splash coats. When cured, QUICSEAL 602HB mortar is water resistant and has excellent thixotropic and shrinkage control properties.

Typical Uses

QUICSEAL 602HB when used with the appropriate QUICSEAL latex admixture is suitable for:

  • casting thick bed mortar and adhesive
  • casting screeds and renders
  • concrete patching and repairs
  • conventional installation of ceramic tile & natural stones
  • sprayed or splash-on spatter or rough coat


QUICSEAL 602HB is supplied in 20 kg bags.


12 months in a dry place in the original packaging