About us

Son Tinh Trading Construction Co., Ltd is a company providing high quality waterproofing products, competitive price, modern construction techniques and long-term construction works for 10 years. Highly skilled staff along with equipment, we always ensure that the song ensures the quality and aesthetics for every work. Through many construction works always achieve good quality and improve the quality of the project, our company received many choice choices from the Owner and Contractor.

Founded in 1997, Son Tinh Trading Construction Co., Ltd is one of the top 10 professional waterproofing companies in Vietnam. We have constructed waterproofing for many civil and industrial constructions in many provinces and cities across the country, bringing satisfaction and trust to every customer in our more than 20 years of experience.

On the way of its strong development, Son Tinh Trading Construction Co., Ltd. believes that it will increasingly receive more cooperation of construction units, helping the country more rich and beautiful.